Saturday, September 15, 2012

Becoming A Fashion Designer

Your probably asking how you can be a fashion designer otherwise you wouldn't be here on this very exact blog.Well I'm here to tell you how exactly you can by simply following these steps and taking the next leap of faith towards your next big dream.I'm going to implement a few techniques and show you what you can do to get started on the right path.Within minutes I can show you how you can make it big time and start even pulling in $1000 in revenue each week.Let's be honest that does sound pretty good for a beginner in the fashion industry,but if you have more experience than you it'll be even easier for you.

Discover ways to draw like the designing pros.
Get the great dream job you've always wanted.
  • Get paid great for what you love doing
  • Start your own fashion line with your own name
  • Best secrets from professionals in the industry
  • Save tons of money from fashion course fee's
  • Learning how you can start your own fashion business and be successful
  • The best and hottest trends on the market today
  • How to find a clothing manufacture to make your clothes for you
  • Finding the cheapest,but most effective ways to make your own fashion line

How much do fashion designers get paid a year?
50k-100k or more depending on how good of a designer,how well they've marketed their products,or even how much time they've put in.So basically as a designer you can get paid very well if you put in the time and that goes with just about any job that you do though.

What are the benefits of being a designer?
Some benefits could include that you get to pick your own hours,you are your own boss,you get to design the clothes and line that you are most comfortable with and just simply love designing.

Is there an age requirement?
No,whether your 12 to 100 it does not matter what your age is.It's never too late to start designing especially since the fashion industry never sleeps and is constantly changing and who know's after you get done reading this you could be the next biggest thing and further down the road when your successful you'll be asked by someone "How did you start your fashion career?,and you'll just say that you started online and recommend more people to this product and they could be just like you eventually.Yes,It's a shame for you not to make money in this industry-when you have all the talent within yourself already you just don't know it.You just need to know how to get started.

Would you like your designs to be on this catwalk?

Your ready to be a fashion designer if...

  • You can pay attention to details well
  • You have determination to be a designer
  • You love clothes
  • You love shopping
  • You like being around creative minds
  • You have a creative mind
  • You have lots of ideas for clothes and accessories
  • You love wearing clothes and looking your best all the time
  • You make people envy the things you wear
  • You help people look great

This could be you?

We teach you how to make the best designs possible and make it easy for you to be the next biggest thing in the fashion industry today.

Things that you'll be learning in this program are things like

  • The evolution of fashion
  • Wholesale and retail fashion
  • Where trends come from
  • The history of fashion
  • Careers on fashion
  • The world of fashion
  • How to be a successful designer
  • Designers Culture
  • How to get your designs made
  • The Fashion Calender
  • Design Considerations
  • Leading Designers
  • Range Building
  • Fashion Forecasting
  • How start your own fashion label
  • Raising to start up capital
  • Government Grants
  • Tips for success
  • What you'll need before going into business
  • Trade shows
  • How you can make the most profit

During this program we'll teach you everything you need to know about becoming a fashion designer and having that dream job of working for yourself and seeing the clothes you made on people wearing them and you can be able to say that you designed and made them.Not too many people can say that,unless they are a designer,in which this case you would be.Just imagine yourself waking up everyday and making the clothes you want and getting paid to do what you love to do.